Mental Health,
for high profile individuals,
at Home and at Work

To validate your emotions, the only thing AI can't do!

E-Therapy in California

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Hello, how are you?

This is Dr. Pezzini, an Italian American Clinical Psychological Associate, all throughout California.

Sessions are online, via telehealth.

I have been working as a psychologist for over 25 years combined.

I specialize in relationship transitions and adjustments, for high profile individuals.

Everyone is VIP :)

I support groups, too, with the latest methodologies, such as hypnotherapy, animal assisted therapy, and KAP.

My other passions are professional certified coaching and applied industrial organizational psychology, all of which I am trained in.

To add positive habits, with confidence, daily, I adopt a results driven approach.

Remember that emotions and feelings, unlike AI, are necessary to live a fulfilling and happy life!

I am accepting new clients and I am a referral source.

For all of us scientists, there is more to research about the human fine mindset, fascinating brain, mental potential and optimization.

I love to always use all the most recent healing modalities and plans, in existence.

So that we can explore your entire ideal life: past, present and future. How would this benefit you?

Thank you for visiting this page.

I am looking forward to helping you thrive in both your life and work, as I balance and bridge the gap between personal home and career health.

The Center for Integrative Healing

The Center for Integrative Healing clinic offers the following online support therapy groups:

Current Groups:

And weekend morning upcoming groups for:

  1. Couple Counseling in group
  2. Animal assisted therapy

And more groups are coming up!

It’s direct pay or insurance.

The insurances we work with are (we’ll check to approve you):

$ 50 per session self pay.

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